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All the tools you need to thrive.

Goal setting

Set and achieve goals

The key to long-term business success is understanding your mission, why it’s important and when you want to achieve it.  We’ll walk you through setting your mission, breaking it down into small achievable steps and then keep you on-track to virtually guarantee success.

Productivity tools

Productivity tools 

Having grand plans for your business is worthless if you don’t push your business forwards every day.  Designed specifically for small business owners, our productivity tools help you focus, stay on track and avoid procrastination and distractions.


Smart tasks

You should be spending 90% of your working time on tasks that contribute towards your goals – smart tasks make it easy to understand which tasks you should prioritize and which are a waste of your time.



Stop wasting time creating and sending invoices for your customers.   We’ll help you generate stunning invoices in just a couple of clicks. We’ll also send automated reminders, making it easier than ever to get paid on time, every time.

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Time tracking

Time tracking

Charge your time by the hour?  Built-in time tracking makes it easy to record the time you spend on billable client work and quickly convert time records into invoices that get paid.

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Smart scheduling

Don’t waste another minute arranging meetings with prospects and customers. Smart scheduling makes it easy for people to book in with you and, with added screening, it helps you reduce time-wasting and non-qualified meetings too.

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Store all your leads, prospects and customers in one easy-to-use place. Track where contacts came from, see their status and send them invoices at the click of a button.

Build a fantastic website in a few steps

Don’t have your own website yet?  Choose from one of our amazing website templates and simply add your own words. It couldn’t be easier to have your own website.


Collect reviews

Collect feedback, reviews, and testimonials from your happy customers at the click of a button. Display and share reviews to build trust, gain customers and showcase your reputation.

A huge library of useful document templates

New to welcome a new client? There’s a template for that! Get some free publicity for your business? Yup! From planners to emails, our templates are designed to help you stay productive and save you time and hassle along the way.

What’s included:

Productivity planners and to-do lists

Customer service

Copywriting and writing

Publicity and press releases

Letterheads and business cards

Easily design your new logo

A good logo helps you create a great first impression, so why compromise with a poor quality logo? In just a couple of easy steps, we’ll help you design your perfect logo.

Checklists that show you exactly what to do

When you run a business it’s hard to know all the steps you need to follow to succeed. That’s why we’ve included helpful checklists that show you exactly what you have to do at every step of the way.

How to achieve your goals

Free download

FREE 21-page guide on how to achieve your goals

Written by successful entrepreneurs and productivity experts the guide outlines everything you need to do to achieve your goals as a small business owner.

It covers setting goals, avoiding distraction, learning how to avoid procrastination and making sure you’re working on tasks that will push your business forwards.

The guide is included free in OKLaunch.

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Don’t go it alone. Get all the tools you need to thrive from just $23 per month

Say good-bye to wasting time and working on the wrong tasks. OK Launch gives you everything you need in one place.

Going it alone

  • Creating, sending and chasing invoices
  • Arranging meetings and calls
  • Keeping your to-do list up-to-date
  • Trying to keep yourself on-track with goals
  • Storing your customer data
  • Sourcing important legal documents
  • Googling how to do things
  • Keeping track of where you spend your time
  • Staying distraction and procrastination free
  • Trying to find time to focus on important work
  • Making sure you're working on the right tasks

Plus: Figuring out which tasks will help you achieve your goals and which are a waste of your time.


OK Launch

  • Goal setting
  • Productivity tools
  • Smart tasks
  • Invoicing
  • Time tracking
  • Smart scheduling
  • Contacts
  • Website builder
  • Logo designer
  • Checklists and knowledge
  • Legal documents and templates




Plus: Smart tools to help you work on the right tasks and stay at your most productive

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